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Contact Phone:  +40341405849
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Dates:  5th October 2015 to 9th October 2015
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Type:  School
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Country:  Romania
State/Province:  Constanta
City:  Constanta
Location:  FLAMANDA NR.13
Event Description:  The teachers and students of School Gheorghe Titeica will be involved, as usual, in a variety of activities, discovering amazing things about The Universe. The activities involve: - ART AND CRAFT: mask and spaceship model making- as the little ones enjoy playing; - CREATIVE WRITING- as Space has always represented a wonderful source of creativity - SONG AND POEM LEARNING- to prove how much the Universe interests us all; - CARTOON MAKING: to apply everything we know about our Solar System; - VISIT/ TOUR of Knowledge Town- Oraselul Cunoasterii- Bucharest; - DEBATES/ POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS- The older students will display their knowledge of Space. - DISCOVER SPACE IN WORDS- play upon space words - A UNIVERSAL PARTY- a gathering of everyone and everything- a party with music and dance
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Report on the Results:  The beginning week of October has been dedicated for a few years now to the celebration of Space, by means of an international project whose success is unbeatable. The period between the 4th and 10th of October was filled with activities in School nr. 30, GHEORGHE TITEICA, in Constanta. The coordinator of the project, librarian Anca Mosoiu and the teachers of this school stimulated the children by organizing various events, which brought to surface not only creativity and team spirit, but also the eagerness to play and find new things. The total number of participants counted more than 800, from both primary and secondary school levels, who worked and played in an attempt to DISCOVER! Beginning on Monday, October 5th , the students of GHEORGHE TITEICA school created models of space items- The Solar System, ships, aliens, robots from fruit and vegetables and from recycled materials- cans, bottles, paper cups and plates. There were also paintings drawn in watercolours, ink, coal, crafts made with different materials, interior design objects and also … time machines intended for space and time exploration. The preparatory classes( A- Mrs. I. Stoichitoiu, C- Mrs. D. Machedon, D- Mrs. F. Andreiescu, E- N. Veli )made costumes and drawings, a roundabout with planets and celebrated with cookies. The ones in grade1 (B- G. Preutu Economu, C- R. Radu, D- R. Encutu) made space models and crafts. The ones in grade 2( A- A. Medesan, I. Mara; C- A. Cotleanu, D- I. Vizan, E- I. Badiu) created costumes and masks, Lego figurines and cookies. Class 2 B- N. Dimancea visited Knowledge Town in Bucharest to discover more about the Universe. Class 3A- S. Oance made models and pictures, while class 3C- S. Palasca made cartoons and a booklet of Space. Class 3 E (coordinated by Mrs. M Gospodin) participated with models, costumes, masks displayed in a parade celebrated with space cakes. Class 4B( coordinated by Mrs. P. Alecu) made space hats, masks and costumes and partied with cookies, as well as their colleagues in class 4C( Mrs. A. Marin) and the children in class 4D (Mrs. M. Cotoarba) created a time machine and crafts from leaves and branches. The elder students supported by Mrs. L. Sofron and Mrs. D. Foroglu made models of space, posters- Discover…the extraterrestrials! And also presented ppts and had debates. In modern languages students coordinated by Mrs. C. Lomnosanu, Mrs. A. Netedu , Mrs. D. Sacu and Mrs. V. Hagi played with words in PUNs and CROSSWORDS and discovered the Music of the Universe and also made Space QUIZZES and DOCUMENTARIES. In Romanian classes the students discovered and talked about The Limits of Fiction in S.F. Literature with Mrs. C. Martinescu. All the events benefitted from parent and school staff support, the secretary-Mrs. D. Panaitov and the head teachers Mrs. A. Dragnea and Mrs. C. Vlad acclaiming the educational value of the project and its actions. Everyone had fun and discovered more mysteries of Space.
Attendance:  800
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