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Event ID:  950
Contact Name:  Jamal MIMOUNI
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +213 770 301574
Organization:  Sirius Astronomy Association
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Dates:  29th October 2008 to 1st November 2008
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Algeria
State/Province:  Constantine
City:  Constantine
Location:  Palais de la Culture Malek Haddad, Constantine
Event Name:  Astronomy and Space Fair
Event Description:  This Astronomy Fair in Popular Astronomy, the seventh since 2002, has become with time one of the most sought after rendez-vous of the year for amateur astronomers all over Algeria. It is held in the context of the World Space Week celebrations. It consist of a large astronomy exhibition and a series of lectures and workshops for the benefit of the public and the astronomy community nationwide. This year will see a wider participation from associations from abroad. In particular, we expect the participation of the AUASS (Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, Amman) from Jordan, the SAF (Societe astronomique de France) from France, Association Jeunes-Science from Tunis, from Greece, Iran, Namibia, Bahrein, Koweit, and others which will confirm soon. In addition, state national institutions dealing with Space and astronomy are present at the fair, as well as amateur astronomy associations and clubs from all over the country. This year's theme has been chosen for World Space Week 2009 is : Exploring the Universe. As a subtheme,the National Fair organizing committee has chosen to take the opening up of the field of extrasolar astronomy. It will deal with this new vista in Astronomy which will no doubt led us to a new understanding of planetary systems and will at term help us better understand our own solar environment and its origin.
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