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  • This page shows the Events held during World Space Week 2007
  • The list contains 50 events per page. The links at the bottom of the page can be used to view other sections of the list.
  • The list is initially sorted sorted by country. 
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Country State/Province City Event Name Details
Argentina San Lu La Punta 50th. aniversary of Sputnik Event Details
Australia Event Details
Australia Australian Capitol Territory Canberra Call for U.S. support of Outer Space Treaty and PAROS Event Details
Australia Australian Captial Territory Canberra 50 Years of the Space Age Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney 50TH Anniversary of Space Dinner Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney 50th Years of Spaceflight: the highlights Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney AIAA Distinguished Lecture-Exploring Mars Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Another Afternoon in Space Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Blast Off: adventures from the dawn of the Space Age Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney LEGO Mars Mission Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Make your own rocket Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Space Day for Kids Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Sputnik Party Day Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Sputnik Pizza Night Event Details
Australia Victoria Melbourne 50th Anniversary of Sputnik Primary School Outreach Event Details
Austria Burgenland Pinkafeld Space Week Glider Aerobatics / Astronaut Training Simulation Event Details
Austria Carinthia Berg/Drautal International Telescope Meeting Event Details
Austria Salzburg Salzburg Salzburger Sternennacht Event Details
Austria Styria Graz Balloon Launch Event Details
Austria Styria Graz PolAres Balloon Passepartout Launch Event Details
Austria Vienna Vienna Educational Outreach Event Event Details
Bangladesh Event Details
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Campos dos Goytacazes Evento em Comemora Event Details
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul Santa Maria Exposition, Rocket Launching Event Details
Brazil Rio Grande do Sul Santa Maria Student Rocket Launch Event Details
Brazil S Jundia xjpmeva Event Details
Brazil Sao Paulo Sao Jose dos Campos 50 ANOS DO HOMEM NO ESPA Event Details
Bulgaria Varna Varna Poster Contest Event Details
Bulgaria Varna Varna School for young astronauts Event Details
Bulgaria Varna Varna Space Festival Event Details
Cameroon South West Limbe Where is your SPACE? Event Details
Canada Ottawa News Conference Event Details
Canada B.C. Abbotsford Physics 12 - Rocket Launch with Mr. T. Event Details
Canada Manitoba Winnipeg Canada and Manitoba in Space Event Details
Canada Nova Scotia Halifax Film Screening Event Details
Canada Nova Scotia Halifax Public Screening of Arsenal of Hypocrisy Event Details
China 'Zero-G ' Flight Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla Astronomical Observation Day Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla Conference: Space Adventures Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla Conference: The Sputnik 1 - 50 Years of Age of Space Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla Conferences Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla Rocket Workshop Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla Special Radio Program '50 Years In Space' Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla and Puerto Colombia Conference 50 Years in Space Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Puerto Colombia Space Art Day Event Details
Cuba Event Details
Czech Republic Czech Astronomical Society - Researchers 'night, Science in the Streets, workshop and lectures Event Details
Czech Republic Brno Observatory Brno - lectures Event Details
Czech Republic Brno UZIMEX - lectures Event Details
Czech Republic Havirov Primary school - exposition Event Details

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