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Event ID:  10080
Contact Name:  KIMUS Kindermuseum Graz GmbH
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Organization:  KIMUS Kindermuseum Graz GmbH
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Dates:  2nd October 2015 to 2nd October 2015
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Austria
State/Province:  Styria
City:  Graz
Location:  Joanneumsviertel
Event Name:  Greif nach den Sternen, 2. Grazer Weltraumtag
Event Description:  At the 2nd Grazer Spaceday, all activities around space science in the capital of Styria are presented. The program covers a wide range of exhibitions and activities for the young and the young at heart, for all space enthusiasts and classes. All partner of space science in Styria and Austria were represented.
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Report on the Results:  About 2500 attendance were registrated and the interest of the public in space science and space exploration was outstanding. Many activities invited children and pupils for participation.
Attendance:  2500
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Media Impressions:  5000
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