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Event ID:  10507
Contact Name:  ASAFILE
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +505 8846 2636
Organization:  Asociación de Astronómos Aficionados Viva León Jodido
Event Web Site:
Dates:  7th October 2016 to 7th October 2016
Physical Event: 
Type:  Private
Start/End Type: 
Country:  Nicaragua
State/Province:  León
City:  León
Event Name:  Talk about Benefits of Space Technology
Event Description:  Into the celebration of the World Space Week, amateur astronomers will be visiting a Natural Sciences Department of National Autonomous University of Nicaragua to give a talk to students about the multiple benefits of space technology, giving a background, current and future tasks. Additionally, this activity will include a solar observation through telescopes. Students will be informed about the background and updates of the organisation "World Space Week"
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Report on the Results:  - Students will be encouraged to be informed about the importance of the week celebration around the world. - Students are informed about the multiple benefits of space technology into their daily lives. - Teachers and students observe our nearest start, sharing their experiences with amateur astronomers.
Attendance:  150
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Media Impressions:  50
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