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Event ID:  10891
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Contact Phone:  +992 907716557
Organization:  Mobile Planetarium \"Donish\", Dushanbe Children Youth Centre
Event Web Site:  http://www.
Dates:  3rd October 2016 to 4th October 2016
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Tajikistan
City:  Dushanbe
Event Name:  Teacher from the space; Visiting Planetarium and Museum
Event Description:  a)Meeting of Dushanbe active and interested children and youth as well as students and teachers of schools and universities with the Astronaut Dorotti M. Metcalf- Lindenburger , a teacher and Astronaut of NASA Talks about how to encourage children not to be afraid of science and dreams that can be quite realistic! Meeting with astronomers of the Institute of Astrophysics of Academy of Science, Tajikistan, Ms. Gerasimenco S.I. who discovered the comet for ESA Rosetta Philae b)"Children and youth center " will organize a visit of schoolchildren to museum to see the planetarium presentations "10 steps to the sky" and "Two pieces of Glass"
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Report on the Results:  a)The astronaut made a presentation, history of her space flight while just her presence was a breakthrough event in dragging the students attention to space and science! The country can not remember any visiting astronaut or cosmonaut even if it was part of the Soviet Union some 25 years ago. Rosetta Philae of the ESA some days ago finished its mission officially and Gerasimenko the discoverer of the planet could not help her tears on the news, so the children prepared a smiling model of Rosetta Philae to present her and assuring the science will not stop going ahead. b) About 1000 students of different Dushanbe city schools visited planetarium shows , Museum With free presentation of a Photo Exhibition “Magic of Space ” consisting of 2 parts: 1) “ Many Inspired Steps” Devoted to the 50-th Anniversary of the First Human Stepping on the moon Many Inspired Steps was organized by Thomas A. Lesser (who has donated the exhibition) and is distributed by Audio Visual Imagineering, Inc. (which has donated the distribution of the exhibition) to “Donish” Planetarium 2) “From the depth of the Earth to…” devoted to the 55-th anniversary of the First Human Flight to the space Organized by “Donish” Planetarium
Attendance:  1500
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Media Impressions:  350000
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