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Event ID:  10990
Contact Name:  Daniel Moreno
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +582122075401
Organization:  Agencia Bolivarian para Actividades Espaciales (ABAE)
Event Web Site:
Dates:  3rd October 2016 to 7th October 2016
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
Start/End Type: 
Country:  Venezuela
State/Province:  Capital District
City:  Caracas
Location:  La Carlota
Event Name:  Satellites de Observación Terrestre
Event Description:  on 03/10/2016 we will be a class of Remote sensing satellites for teachers at the school. We will give some information and practical tools about satellites made of paperboard and recycling materials 04/10/2016, satellites made of paperboard by school students. we will show some videos of remote sensing satellites and also about Venezuelan space development. Water Rocket design, we will built with the students and we will launch their water rockets. 05/10/2016, Space costume design, we will motivate to students in order to make their space costume, with the help of parents and teachers. We will give a prize to the best costume. 06/10/2016. Cutural day, this day we will see exposition of space costumes, water rockets, and paperboard satellites. This day we will give a prize to best costumes, the best water rockets and the best paperboard satellites. The children's orchestra will play, and some students will perform some theatrical act, or a dancing.
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Report on the Results: 
Attendance:  320
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Media Impressions:  200
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