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Event ID:  1425
Contact Name:  Pan-American School
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Contact Phone:  (506)2293-7393
Organization:  Pan-American School Costa Rica
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Dates:  5th October 2009 to 9th October 2009
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Costa Rica
State/Province:  Heredia
City:  San Antonio de Bel
Location:  Pan-American School
Event Name:  Space Week Festival
Event Description:  Activities Outline: October 5 9. In Class Activities, Science 7th Grade. Lecture: Space Exploration, History and Future. Game: Space Exploration, Going to Mars. Rocket Development. (Math Class Involvement) Oral Presentaions: Important Astronauts. A glimpse at the life of the astronauts of the Gemini and Apollo Missions.(English Class Involvement) Cocurricular Activities October 5. A Night Under the Moon. 6:00 9:00p.m. Lecture: The Moon and a brief history of the Apollo Missions. Movie: A Magnificent Desolation. Poems: (Spanish Class Involvement) Musical Performances: Unplugged (Tentative participation of Marvin Camacho) Moon and Star Gazing with Telescopes Night Time Photography October 8 and 9. Rockets Festival. Schedule: 2:40 4:00p.m.
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Report on the Results:  Students enjoyed a night of star gazing and moon watching. They enjoyed playing games related to space and launching rockets. The parents of the students also enjoyed the activities with their families.
Attendance:  350
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Media Impressions:  150
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