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Event ID:  1451
Contact Name:  Dr. Jin Zhu
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Contact Phone:  +86-10 51583311
Organization:  Beijing Planetarium
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Dates:  8th October 2009 to 8th October 2009
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Type:  Public
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Country:  China
State/Province:  Beijing
City:  Beijing
Location:  Beijing Planetarium, Room 507 / 北京天文馆507室
Event Name:  GALAXY FORUM (BEIJING) / 银河论坛 (北京)
Event Description:  The theme of the Galaxy Forums, Galaxy Education in the 21st Century, is designed to advance general science and space education throughout the world. This year's event takes place at the Beijing Planetarium, Room 507, between 2-5 PM, and features presentations on topics such as the International Lunar Observatory, Galaxy Research from Antarctica, and New Public Awareness & Popularization Initiatives. Among the speakers are Steve Durst, Hans L.D.G. Starlife and several prominent scientists at the Planetarium. The event is co-sponsored by the Beijing Planetarium, ILOA, NAOC and Cosmica. 银河论坛的主题是21世纪银河教育。它旨在推动世界各地广博的的科学和空间教育。于今年在北京天文馆507室,下午2-5点之间开展特色的专题演讲,如国际月球天文台,来自南极洲银河的研究主题,和新的公共意识和推广措施。其中主要演讲者为Steve Durst, Hans L.D.G. Starlife和天文馆的几个著名的科学家。这次活动的共同主办者为北京天文馆,ILOA,NAOC国家天文台和Cosmica。
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