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Event ID:  14743
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Contact Phone:  +233 541 827770
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Dates:  5th October 2017 to 6th October 2017
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Ghana
State/Province:  EASTERN REGION
Location:  All Nations University College
Event Description:  The event will involve the invitation of junior High School students from various schools. The basic purpose is to introduce them to space and satellite technology. The secondary title of the program is "Empowering Young Women in Engineering and Technology". The program is designed to involve young women between the ages of 12 and 15 years in various activities which will allow them to have some exposure to space science. However, some few young men in the JHS within the same age group may also join. The activities start in the morning from 10am UTC ,6th October, and will include various presentations such as "Introduction to World Space Week”, “Basic theory of Satellite Technology”, “Women and Engineering”. Also, some facts about women involvement and contribution to the growth of space and satellite technology throughout the world will also be introduced to them. Getting to the afternoon at 11am the students will be introduced to various engineering projects particularly in satellite ground station operation and electronics. After lunch, by 1:20pm the students will be engaged into drawing and handcraft competition. The drawing will be the art of the “First Ghanaian Astronaut Landing on the Moon” and the handcraft is to cut and craft a paper ROCKET into shape. At 2:20pm there will be a quiz competition between the young women from each school about their general knowledge in space science. The next section will be a speech from Miss Earth 2016 who is a student from the All Nations University. She will talk about “Woman and your confidence” At 3:16pm there will be an awarding of certificates of participation to all the schools. The closing time is 3:45pm after which there will be picture sessions.
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Report on the Results:  A number of 17 different schools were present at the event. This made the total attendance of more than 500 students since each school came with an average of 30 students. Two Television Stations and about 3 Radio stations were present at the event. The program began at 10:10an UTC with an opening address from the Dean of Engineering of the University. Next, World Space Week was briefly introduced to them. The various presentation sessions started with some interesting illustrations which created good understanding of space science and satellite technology to the students. There were questions and answers during the presentation sessions. Brilliant questions were asked. The Engineering project exhibition took much of the time due to the number of students present to coordinate. After Lunch at 1:45 pm the students received the speech from Miss Earth Ghana 2017. She gave some gifts to some students who were bold to come out of the crowd to speak. After 2:45pm, the drawing session and competition started. The drawing competition took the rest of the time. The drawing of the astronaut created a lot of excitement in the room which was associated with a lot of imagination and creativity. At 4pm, the picture sessions started which was associated with the awarding of certificates of participation. The departure of most schools was at 4:20pm In conclusion, this year’s event recorded the highest attendance ever. The students have had fundamental knowledge about space science and satellite technology. The Media was present to cover the event and the drawing competition was a great spark of excitement for the kids. It was fun and very educative and promises even a bigger event next year.
Attendance:  500
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