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Organization:  University of Toronto AstroTours
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Dates:  5th October 2017 to 5th October 2017
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Canada
State/Province:  Ontario
City:  Toronto
Location:  Room MP103, McLennan Physical Labs, 60 Saint George St., University of Toronto
Event Name:  The Long Path Towards Finding Habitable Exo-Worlds
Event Description:  Join us at 8 pm to hear Ryan Cloutier, University of Toronto graduate student in Astronomy & Astrophysics, discuss how astronomers study exoplanets and their suitability for Earth-like life. Stick around after the talk, until 10 pm, for a visit to the University of Toronto's planetarium, night-sky observing at the campus observatory and more! Abstract: Although we are still decades away from discovering life on worlds outside of our own solar system, much progress is being made today to identify the best potential candidates for hosting such life. In this talk I will discuss what we currently know about these so-called exoplanets and how we know it. I will then highlight the steps that will be taken in the not-so-distant future to further our understanding of exoplanetary atmospheres and potentially even their surface conditions using extreme telescopes. All of this in hopes that one day these efforts will culminate with the probable detection of Earth-like life elsewhere in the galaxy.
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