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Event ID:  15214
Contact Name:  Jeroen Toelen
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Dates:  3rd October 2017 to 4th October 2017
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Type:  School
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Country:  Belgium
State/Province:  Antwerp
City:  Antwerp
Location:  Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe College Antwerp
Event Name:  Sun, Earth, Moon: Introduction to the wonders of the solar system.
Event Description:  Two groups of seven-year olds will be initiated in the wonders of Sun, Earth and Moon. How big are they, how hot/cold is it there, how far away... After the theory, the kids will get to work and create their own moonbase with cardboard, glue and paint. Who knew space exploration would be so messy.
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Report on the Results:  Two groups of 22 seven-year olds were introduced to the wonders of the solar system. Lots of enthousiasm and lots of spontaneous questions. The movie about the rocket launch was acclaimed with much enthousiasm. After the theory, the kids got to work and DIY'ed everything you need for a moonbase: a rocket, a moon surface with bumps, a starry background, a house and a lunar rover. Cardboard, empty bottles, mayo cups, paper, glue, paint... It was messy as hell, but they all loved it very much. I tweeted about this event:
Attendance:  44
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