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Event ID:  15409
Contact Name:  Janet Ivey
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +1 615-415-9785
Organization:  Janet\'s Planet, Inc.
Event Web Site:
Dates:  10th October 2017 to 9th October 2017
Physical Event: 
Type:  On-line
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  Tennessee
City:  Hendersonville
Location:  Onliine
Event Name:  WORLD SPACE WEEK: Voyager Going Interstellar Global Competition - What would you put on Carl Sagan\'s
Event Description:  Join Janet from Janet's Planet and Space Artist, Jon Lomberg, designer for the cover of the Voyager Interstellar Record! Janet will do an overview of the history of the Voyager Space Crafts launched in 1977 and hear from Jon Lomberg who created and directed the art for the cover of Carl Sagan's Golden Phonographs, predicted to last for over a thousand million years, may be the longest lived piece of human art ever made. Forty years ago, NASA launched the Voyager Missions (Voyager 2 on August 20, 2977 and Voyager 1 on September 5, 1977) for their historical voyage to the outer planets and into the unknown. This was possible in part due to gravity assists aka the (“sling shot effect”) that Michael Minovitch of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) invented and pioneered. Voyagers 1 and 2 showed us breathtaking images of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Because of Voyager, twenty-two new satellites were discovered, three at Jupiter, three at Saturn, ten at Uranus, six at Neptune and much more than this article can hold. Janet's Planet is launching a competition celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Voyager Missions! Partners include Hal5, Nepris, Enterprise In Space, National Space Society, World Space Week, SteamSpace, and One Earth Message. The competition is open to students ages 6-18 and you can design your own Voyager Poster for the chance to go to Space Camp in 2018 ALL EXPENSES PAID! And Janet's Planet also wants to know what you would put on Carl Sagan's Golden Phonographs in 2017 vs. what was put on the discs in 1977?” Students can send text messages, create emojis, upload pictures, videos, sounds, music (with certain parameters and respect to copyrights and standard usage licenses.) "We want the students to consider what would be most meaningful for them to share with future space faring civilizations and for a moment imagine their contribution out among the stars with the potential of reaching other life in the cosmos." Janet Ivey, CEO of Janet's Planet. Inc.
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Attendance:  1000
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Media Impressions:  10000
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