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Event ID:  15828
Contact Name:  Osnovna škola Gradac
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Contact Phone:  +38521697553
Organization:  Osnovna škola Gradac
Event Web Site:  http://www.
Dates:  2nd October 2017 to 10th October 2017
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Type:  School
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Country:  Croatia
State/Province:  SDŽ
City:  Gradac
Event Name:  Sunčev sustav
Event Description:  2 Oct (pupils aged 6-10) -watching educational movies about Solar System -playing games regarding the content of movies (memory game...) 2-9 Oct -production of thematic (solar system) board games -setting up a corner in the school with games and books related to the Space 9 Oct -games and quiz related to the Space - competition 12 Oct -two best teams visit the observatory
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Report on the Results:  The World Space Week from October 4th to October 10th,which took place in the Primary School of Gradac was marked by numerous activities. It is worth noting the special relationship between our school and the universe since we celebrate the school day on the Day of Sun, and the Sun is also a part of the school's logos. The pupils of grades 1-4, after having watched the educational films and other activities which they have done in their classes on the topic of the Solar System, held a competition in the field of knowledge in this area. Through the numerous games on the topic of the universe, prepared for them by teachers Ranka Radoš and psychologist Branka Perić, have shown the knowledge gained during this week. Games were thematic and included puzzles, game associations, discovering mysterious images, "big bangs" and quizzes. In each of the games, two representatives of the class participated in the competition, which were chosen in the previous competitions conducted in their classes and in the other classes. In the competition of the individual games the best were representatives of the PO Brist, followed by the 4th and 3rd grade students of Primary School Gradac. The students were rewarded by going to the Makarska observatory. In the games that took part in the whole class, the winners was the 1st grade of Primary School Gradac and they won the group prize - a social game for their class. In a series of activities, 5th - 8th grade pupils from Primary School Gradac and PŠ Drvenik, organized by teachers Sanja Šutić, Marina Longin, Anka Kosović and Antonio Porobija, have been actively involved in exploring our planet Earth and the universe in a fun and creative way. Activities organized were: -Exploration of the planet by students' independent work and presentation of works -Creating a PowerPoint presentation on the subject of the universe -Creating a spacecraft model of paper -Creating an extraterrestrial three-dimensional model (E.T.) -Research of historical personalities associated with the universe -History of the Universe -The Film Marathon - the students watched two films of space and science-fantasy themes Gravity and E.T. -We have been observing the starry sky with a telescope -We conducted a competition for the best science fiction story won by Nadia Mirko, who was awarded a prize -We have thamatic school boards and classrooms The students showed great interest and together we spent a fun, interesting and instructive week!
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