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Event ID:  16253
Contact Name:  Rhonda Stevenson
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +1 720-327-9051
Organization:  Tau Zero Foundation
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Dates:  3rd October 2017 to 14th October 2017
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Type:  On-line
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  Colorado
City:  Denver
Event Name:  Space Science Mentoring Program: Accepting Applicants NOW!
Event Description:  Tau Zero Foundation and Janet’s Planet establish a space sciences focused leadership and mentoring program pilot. The Tau Zero Foundation (TZF) in partnership with Janet’s Planet has established a pilot mentoring program that teams space industry leaders with students starting at the junior high level, for the purpose of providing mentoring and leadership to STEM/ STEAM focused students.  By fostering these mentoring relationships, both organizations are committing combined efforts and engagement to remaining present for every student that enters our program. The program screens, recruits, and teams mentors and students to form supportive and motivational relationships that provide an individually focused support system that addresses the student’s specific needs and provides a realistic and adaptive, and consistent support resulting in a better prepared, better enabled workforce to advance future space endeavors. Mentoring teams of two or more pre-screened individuals, make an annual commitment to support, enable and inspire students based on their specific interests.  Students commit to working with their mentors to maximize their learning potential and develop their working strategies for long- term educational goals. The program launches this year, with a pilot program, and is being kicked off with a Student/ Mentor Team Challenge for World Space Week 2017, and the TVIW 2017 Symposium: Teams consisting of an individual student and more than one mentor, will be registered, and for one year, through to World Space Week 2018, teams will work together on: Improving academic standing Increasing athletic involvement Community outreach- good acts Fostering STEM/ STEAM activities within peer groups including Maker Space activities. The winning team will be determined by level of improvement academically, athletically, and impact to local community on the continuing importance of STEM/ STEAM education and Maker Space activities. During World Space Week 2018, winning teams will be announced, and prizes awarded. Team Grand Prize: All expense Paid trip to Space Camp First Place: Laptop computer Runner Ups: Kindle
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