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Event ID:  16954
Contact Name:  Gordana Janevska
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Contact Phone:  +381 653044043
Organization:  Primary School \"Dimitrije Todorović Kaplar\"
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Dates:  3rd October 2017 to 9th October 2017
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Type:  School
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Country:  Serbia
City:  Knjaževac
Event Name:  Mars in space
Event Description:  A workshop was held in the school yard for students of the younger grades. The workshop was realized from 15:00 to 16:30. The tasks of the workshop were: getting to know the students with the significance of space exploration, developing a sense of observation, creative and logical thinking, curiosity and interest in actively learning about the environment, developing cooperative and interactive relationships through team work, peer learning, application of acquired knowledge, deepening and acquiring new knowledge through creative-research-practical work, developing and cultivating love for natural sciences. Students are acquainted with the universe, the galaxy in which they are located, planets, rotation and revolution (planets in the solar system are in order of magnitude made from sponge). Shifting: my new name (as if they came from the planet Mars). Group work: cap with planets, life on Mars - creative creative work (this is how I imagine Mars in the picture and story), masks. Finally check the knowledge through the quiz.
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Report on the Results:  Improved communication, joint planning and learning between classes and classes, supported the initiative of children in research and experimental work, fostering peer learning, cooperative relationships, respect for diversity and tolerant behavior, acquiring longer-lasting and functionally applicable knowledge, encouraging children to independently adopt courts and conclusions on the phenomena that are being investigated, increased use of the Internet for the purpose of finding new information about phenomena, contents, etc., which are studied, investigated, evaluated ... better way of finding children in the space, better climate in the classroom and between classrooms by fostering cooperative and interactive relationships among children ... Students and other participants are thrilled. Everyone convinced the event.
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