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Event ID:  1880
Contact Name:  Gumi Girls High school
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  070-7091-4249
Organization:  Gumi Girls High school
Event Web Site:
Dates:  8th October 2009 to 9th October 2009
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
Start/End Type: 
Country:  Korea, Republic of
State/Province:  Kyong Buk
City:  Gumi
Location:  Doryang Dong Gumi girl's high school
Event Name:  Astronomy Event
Event Description:  1. Watching Astronomy Movie Space Millennium in Science room. 2. Launch water rocket with Astronomy club students. 3. Astronomical observation Looking for the polar star, Observe Jupiter and double star, Observe summer and fall constellation.
Promotional Image:  No Image.
Report on the Results:  1. Launch Water Rocket : Launching water rocket by controling the amount of water, an angle of launching pad and pressure. Student shouted when they saw that water rocket launched to the clear sky. 2. Watching Astronomy video: watch Black hall of Space Millennium. Student watched mystery of an astronomical body which shake the Galaxy. Students got a lot of interest and really enjoyed watching. 3. Event of observing astronomical phenomena. We could only see the Jupiter because of cloudy weather. Student could observe a stripe of the Jupiter and three Galilei satellite. Students could got more interest in astronomy through observing the Jupiter by telescope.
Attendance:  250
Attendance is Unique: 
Media Impressions:  47
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