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Event ID:  18907
Contact Name:  Academician, Tomukum Chia
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +237683162205
Organization:  Global Centre for Compliance, Hazards and Disaster Management -GLOCECOHADIM Africa
Event Web Site:
Dates:  3rd October 2018 to 15th October 2018
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Cameroon
State/Province:  Centre Region
City:  Yaounde
Event Name:  Space Action Lab for the Promotion of Space Terminology, Science, Technology, RS/EO and Telemidicine
Event Description:  Space Action Lab abbreviated SAL is an initiative of the Office of Outer Space Affair and Emergency Response at the Global Centre for Compliance, Hazards and Disaster Management, GLOCECOHADIM Africa,working with space agencies, institutions, organizations, civil societies, hospitals, astronomers, astronauts, parliamentarians, senators, doctors, teachers, managers, community leaders, religious bodies, stakeholders/business partners, space scientists and professionals in creating, designing and developing an open but free corridor for the advancement of space science and technology. It has a focus in enabling and empowering non space countries to join the space move in any discipline, be it astronomy, astronautics, aeronautics, and other disciplines for the advancement of humanity. The SAL vision and philosophy is s build and centered on Moving Space. Space Action Lab is at the forefront in the celebration of the World Space Week 2018 in Cameroon, Africa and in the globe from the 4th of October to the 13 of October, 2018. There shall be activities calling on all astronomers without borders to arise and shine for humanity has never come so close to the stars to live with and in the stars as our next haul in our civilization in integrating space into our daily lives and into a global observatory. Academician Tomukum Chia remarked that we can only make one step off your space by making one space in to your space, for the only way to space is in space. Tomukum shared his journey and experiences during the 2017 WSW in Fundong, Cameroon by adding that his journey is not to the stars but with the stars, recounting the story of the three wise men journey to his own journey then a star was born only call our attention on the Re-birth of Stars called Heavenly bodies for the light and way of humanity into inter stella. The question came up as to whether Stars can Solve Human Problems within the Universe? Stars are solving the human problems from the wise men and is dictating the pace of what is happening. This year 2018 WSW coincides with the celebration of UNISPACE +50 and for those of us who are -or +50must calculate the time of their journey to space is now not had i known. It might not be unfortunate that humanity have lived and is seeking to understand the universe to know the other side of our journey. Humans seems to be from the other side of the journey of the universe and that is why the are bound to be problems between the being and existence. The stars are only part of the existence within the being in he universe. A global call for the celebration of WSW is celebrating your time with the stars as astronimers are not just dreaming but living the experience of doing it with joy and happiness in unlocking the secrets of the universe. We are calling aloud on each and every one to be part of the unending journey to the stars now or never, Now can be too late, while tomorrow can be late and after tomorrow shall be even to be late again for it would all be done and gone
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Attendance:  2500
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