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Event ID:  2055
Contact Name:  Luisa F Zambrano-Marin
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +17873105165
Organization:  Nompuewenu Astronomical Observatory , Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy, UTB/TSC
Event Web Site:
Dates:  4th October 2010 to 10th October 2010
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
Start/End Type: 
Country:  United States
State/Province:  TEXAS
City:  Brownsville
Location:  University of Texas Brownsville, Nompuewenu Astronomical Observatory
Event Name:  Lower Rio Grande Valley World Space Week @ UTB/TSC
Event Description:  The LRGV WSW2010 will be held at two locations From 4-7pm at ITECC building where activities for all ages will include: - Star lab ( Planetarium ) -3D visualizations of our solar system -Comet model making -Meteorites -The visual Spectrum -Face Painting -Decoding the Arecibo Telescope code From 7:30 pm to 10:30pm Activities will be held at the SETB Building and the Nompuewenu Astronomical Observatory of UTB/TSC here participants will get to: -See the Arecibo Remote command Center -See the movie Orphans of Apollo by director Michael Potter -Use and bring their telescopes for stargazing -visit the Nompuewenu Astronomical Observatory
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Report on the Results: 
Attendance:  400
Attendance is Unique: 
Media Impressions:  1000
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