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Event ID:  2230
Contact Name:  Guillermo Abramson
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Contact Phone:  +54-2944-445173
Organization:  Instituto Balseiro
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Dates:  5th October 2010 to 5th October 2010
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Argentina
State/Province:  Rio Negro
City:  Bariloche
Location:  Instituto Balseiro
Event Name:  En el cielo las estrellas
Event Description:  Lecture on astronomy and exploration of the universe. It will be delivered to the winners of the Instituto Balseiro prize for secondary school students. The disertation aims to inspire the young, transmiting the pleasure of the understanding of the universe and the values oa scientific culture. Spanish translation: Charla de divulgación sobre la astronomía y la exploración del universo. Destinada a los estudiantes ganadores de la beca del Instituto Balseiro para estudiantes secundarios. La conferencia busca busca inspirar a los jóvenes, transmitiendo el goce del conocimiento del universo y el valor de una cultura científica.
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Report on the Results:  The bunch of students (aged ~17, from all over the country) were very enthusiastic. During and after the talk there were many questions, and afterwards we played with my home-made replica of Galileo's telescope and home-made spectroscopes. It lasted at least twice the slotted 1 hour time! In Spanish: Fue un grupo de entusiastas adolescentes de todo el país (más dos profes de física). Hicieron muchas preguntas durante la charla y al final. Luego jugamos con mi réplica casera del telescopio de Galileo y con espectroscopios caseros. El evento duró al menos dos hora, el doble de la hora que me habían asignado.
Attendance:  20
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