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Event ID:  2465
Contact Name:  Dianea Phillips
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Contact Phone:  514-798-8787
Organization:  Lester B. Pearson School Board International Studies
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Dates:  4th October 2010 to 10th October 2010
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Type:  School
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Country:  Canada
State/Province:  Quebec
City:  Point Claire
Location:  150 Seigniory, International Studies Program
Event Name:  Canadians in Space and Beyond
Event Description:  Pre-Kindergarten students will be emmersed in daily activities to investigate space in 5 different languages. English, French,Mandarin, Italian, and Spanish. They will learn about Mars and about the initiative that Canada plays as part of the Space Coalition. The students begin on the 4th with the story- Berenstin Bears on the moon- autographed by Rob Thirsk. On the 5th, the students will explore how to live and work on the ISS. The students will be working in partnership to complete tasks while crawling through a play tunnel with space gloves on. Oct 6th, Space Drawings. The studens will be making space drawings while being seated in chairs (same position as astronauts sit during shuttle launch) to draw or write a message to classmate. On the 7th our studens will be perforing space dance. This is done to explain microgravity and motion in space. On the 8th, the students will be making and lauching rockets in our gymnasium or outside, weather permitting. In each of our classrooms during the day, many other activities are being done:flourescent UFO's, making space shuttles, creating the galaxy, painting the phases of the moon, egg launch/drops, mission to Mars, making astronaut food,serving trays and drinking cups. At the close of the UN Space Week,our students will be visited by our in House Space Educator and Zeronaut as they learn about microgravity through film footage of her experience with the Zero G Corporation and Space Camp Alabama. The week and month is going to be out of this world.
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