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Event ID:  2597
Contact Name:  Đặng Tuấn Duy
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  (+84)-0909768379
Organization:  HCMC Amateur Astronomy Club
Event Web Site:
Dates:  4th October 2010 to 10th October 2010
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
Start/End Type: 
Country:  Vietnam
State/Province:  Ho Chi Minh City
City:  Ho Chi Minh City
Location:  Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Event Name:  Vũ trụ huyền bí (The Mysterious Universe)
Event Description:  In the morning, we will hold a contest about astronomy, from our solar system to the edge of the universe. Through this game, our club hopes that all participants will know more about some mysterious and particularly interesting objects (or phenomena). Astronomy enthusiasts will experience 10 astronomic stations. Learning about astronomy news given by more than hundreds of posters will help participants overcome ordeal at each station. With clues received after go through at least 6 stations (one clue for one station), they have to find out the final puzzle “Dark Matter” as soon as possible. And the winner will receive the reflector telescope. In the afternoon, the egg-drop contest named “Conquer Mars (Or Mars Exploration)h” will be held. Reproduce the situation that a spacecraft landing on Mars’s surface, all teams (2 to 3 pupils or students) will drop their hand-made landing devices from an altitude of 15 meters. We will have some manners to find out the winner (Such as egg doesn’t break; device’s mass is as light as possible, aim at a target). Besides, we also organize the contest about astronomy and cosmos in all 7 days of WSW in our forum, with some enjoyable questions. All gifts for participants was made by club members. It has a relation with astronomy, an original gift, such as astronomy calendar 2011, amazing astronomy pictures, compass, sky map, astronomy film,an opportunity to take a picture in astronaut uniform, etc.
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Report on the Results:  More than 900 enthusiasts took part in the contest in the morning and more than 300 of them sent their result about final puzzle to organization board. The winner, who was a student, won the telescope when passed through all astronomic stations. And, just a little bit more than 1 hour from the beginning, he found his answer “Dark matter, one of the most mysterious things in universe”. This contest created a extremely dynamic atmosphere for enthusiasts to discover. In the afternoon, 500 participants encouraged 87 teams in egg drop contest. About 60 teams protected their egg successfully. The winner team, from Gia Dinh high school, dropped their device exactly to the target. Besides, their device’s mass was lightest, just about 80 grams. Because of cloudy sky, the night sky observation and water rocket performance wasn’t held. The contest about astronomy and cosmos drew attention of hundreds of members in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces. It’s the opportunity for them to improve their knowledge about astronomy. Newspapers and TV channels that notify this event: - Tuoitre newspaper (14 Oct 2010) - Sai Gon Tiep Thi Newspaper - The Gioi So Magazine - HTV9 TV channel (Ho Chi Minh City Television) - Tuoitre Online channel 10 Oct 2010 - Some websites in Vietnam such as,,,,, and other websites.
Attendance:  1500
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Media Impressions:  1000000
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