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Event ID:  2610
Contact Name:  Gernot Groemer
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Organization:  Austrian Space Forum
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Dates:  4th October 2010 to 10th October 2010
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Type:  School
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Country:  Austria
State/Province:  Tyrol
City:  Innsbruck
Location:  Kindergarden Haspingerstrasse
Event Name:  Sun, Moon & Stars - Kick off workshop during World Space Week
Event Description:  Already in early 2010, together with kindergarden-teachers, the Austrian Space Forum organized a "Space Day" at the Innsbruck Kindergarden Haspingerstrasse - children were introduced to the world of astronomy and spaceflight with various hands-on activities. These included guiding a remote-cntrolled Mars rover through a parcours, watching stunning imagery from the Hubble Space telescope, creating their own "moon crater" with a slingshot, amarble and flour-powered garden soil, as well as various other activities. The children immersed n this space day and as a reult -together with the University of Innsbruck- the Austrian Space Forum is now engaged in a year-long pilot project, funded through the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education ("Sparkling Science") under the title "Sonne, Mond und Sterne" (Sun, Moon and Stars) to strengthen the competences of future kindergarden teachers in STEM subjects via space as a lead-topic, with a project kick-off workshop during the World Space Week.
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Attendance:  100
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Media Impressions:  1000
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