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Event ID:  26975
Contact Name:  Moutaman Mirghani
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +249918855689
Organization:  Institute of Space Research and Aerspace
Event Web Site:
Dates:  6th October 2019 to 10th October 2019
Physical Event:  Yes
Type:  Public
Start/End Type:  Starts During WSW
Country:  Sudan
State/Province:  Khartoum
City:  Khartoum
Address:  Mohd Najeeb Street
Location:  Hall of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Event Name:  World Space Week in Sudan 2019
Event Description:  Sun 6/10 Launch ceremony of WSW2019 in Sudan - Seminar of Space and Aerospace Technologies - Apolo11 Mission Memory. Mon 7/10 Astronomy and Space Physics Seminar. Tue 8/11 Cosmology and Theoretical Physics Seminar. For the three seminar days, space exhibition outside the seminar hall is arranged and open from morning to afternoon.
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Report on the Results:  Three seminars were held in three sequential days, which are Space and Aerospace Technology, Astronomy and Space Physics, and Cosmology and Theoretical Physics. 1. Space and Aerospace Technology seminar included Apollo 11 Mission, Satellite Technology, Review of Space Exploration Missions, and Unmanned Aerial Systems for Support to Agriculture Operations. 2. Astronomy and Space Physics seminar included Risk of Radiation from Cellular Stations, Threats of Near Earth Objects, Solar and Lunar Calendars, Areas Suitable for Human Life within Galaxies, Black Holes, and Cosmic Radiation. 3. Cosmology and Theoretical Physics seminar included presentation of Paradigm of Hyperbolic Cosmos, Compared to Paradigm of Flat Cosmos.
Attendance:  450
Attendance is Unique:  Yes
Media Impressions:  15000
Media Impressions are Unique:  Yes

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