Event ID:  27129
Contact Name:  András Ordasi
Contact Email:  chillagasz@gmail.com
Contact Phone:  +36305966588
Organization:  'Chillagász or Skyentist' and 'Astronomy on Tap Budapest'
Event Web Site:  https://www.aotbudapest.com/home
Dates:  8th October 2019 to 10th October 2019
Physical Event:  Yes
Type:  Public
Start/End Type:  Both Starts and Ends During WSW
Country:  Hungary
State/Province:  Budapest
City:  Budapest
Location:  KEG Sörművház (Orlay utca 1., Budapest, Hungary, 1114)
Event Name:  6th AstroQuizNight on 9th Astronomy on Tap Budapest
Event Description:  Astronomy on Tap Budapest is the Hungarian local event of the worldwide Astronomy on Tap gatherings, where the enthusiasts of astronomy can meet and share ideas while interesting topics are discussed. The AstroQuizNight is an independent initiative with almost the same goal but by a different method, namely the popularization of astronomy and space activities through quizzes by Chillagász who is a science communicator and youtuber. These goals will unite in a one-night event (on 8th of October at 6pm) where Human Spaceflight related questions will grind the gears and great prizes will spice up the evening. Meet you there! :)
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