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Event ID:  2719
Contact Name:  Lynnette Whitfield
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Contact Phone:  +61 3 8663 7675
Organization:  Polycom and VSSEC
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Dates:  7th October 2011 to 7th October 2011
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Type:  School
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Country:  Australia
State/Province:  qxTgyilsduTl
City:  eWTypNmRYINEFzxt
Location:  iBOQbPisRmhMopCiY
Event Name:  ESA Astronaut Hans Schlegel Video Conference
Event Description:  ESA Astronaut, Hans Schlegel, will visit Australia in October to work with students attending the National Space Camp Mission to Mars. While in Melbourne he will present a FREE public talk at VSSEC and talk to students via video conference.
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Report on the Results:  ESA Astronaut Hans Schlegel conducted an hour long conversation via video conference with a total of 68 students and 5 staff; 24 from Cleveland District High School (Queensland), 23 from St Aidan's Girls Grammar, (Queensland), 15 from The Hutchins School (Tasmania) and 6 students from Wellington Girls Grammar (New Zealand). The video conference was open to any schools in Australian on a first come first served basis, and booked out within a few days. Because it was school holidays in Victoria, South Australia and NSW its not surprising that the schools that booked were from Queensland and Tasmania. The session was limited to three classes to give the students a fair chance to ask questions. The small group from New Zealand were invited to observe at the last minute as part of a Polycom trial. The session was also broadcast to 700 teachers at the SMART Conference in NSW although they werent able to interact with the participants. Hans discussed life in space, what it's like to work in micro gravity, what food tasted like in space and the career path for an Astronaut. One of the students asked "Have you seen any evidence of extra-terrestrial life in space?" to which Hans replied, "I cannot confirm or deny the evidence of life on other planets" The feedback from the students and teachers was VERY positive. It was great to share this opportunity with many more students than could attend in person.
Attendance:  768
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