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Event ID:  28092
Contact Name:  Vera Mulyani
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Organization:  Mars City Design
Event Web Site:
Dates:  10th October 2019 to 10th October 2019
Physical Event:  Yes
Type:  Public
Start/End Type:  Starts During WSW
Country:  United States
State/Province:  california
City:  culver city
Location:  3641 Holdrege Ave Ste 100, Los Angeles, CA 90016
Event Name:  Martian Feast 1010
Event Description:  BUY TICKETS ASAP : The 8th Annual Mars City Design Gala Dinner 2019: An IMMERSIVE Dining on Mars Experience. A demonstration of a Zero-waste awareness and sustainability in the culinary movement. A Gala Award Ceremony evening to celebrate the Winning Designs of Mars City Design Challenges 2019. An exclusive and rare network of visionaries, influencers, pioneers and actors in space, entertainment, art and environment. What should or can we eat on Mars... beyond Matt Damon's potatoes and ketchup (Re: The Martian)? Discover our speculative future culinary culture. Surprises of SuperFood meal and delicious dishes await! (All Vegan and choices of Gluten Free). Martian Feast 1010 is a 501c3 non-profit Fundraising dinner, to support the Research and Development of Sustainability and climate change consciousness, learning about Mars to take action for Earth betterment. The original Martian dinner is an artistic concept created by Vera Mulyani, along with her selected Chefs and team, powered by Space Channel and Herman Miller!
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