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Event ID:  2823
Contact Name:  Ayesha Bukhari
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Organization:  IST
Event Web Site:
Dates:  6th October 2011 to 8th October 2011
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
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Country:  Pakistan
State/Province:  Capital
City:  Islamabad
Location:  Institute of Space Technolgy (IST)
Event Name:  Aero Modeling Competition
Event Description:  Aero Modeling Competition shall be held among college and school students.
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Report on the Results:  Aero Modeling Competition, owing to this competition the participating students got aware of the Airplane building techniques and mechanism of Air flight. The event began with an orientation/ training session on October 6, 2011 leading to a formal competition which continued till October 8, 2011. A total of about one hundred (100) students of Twenty Five (25) different schools/colleges actively participated in the said contest. The competition included the assembling of the Rubber Powered Aero Modeling and their test flights. A panel of judges evaluated the assembling quality and flights perfection. The aim of the competition was to inspire young students and to pursue their careers in the field of Aerospace Engineering.
Attendance:  300
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Media Impressions:  1000000
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