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Event ID:  2869
Contact Name:  VietAstro
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Contact Phone:  +84 918 19 05 07
Organization:  Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC)
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Dates:  21st August 2011 to 2nd October 2011
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Vietnam
State/Province:  Ho Chi Minh Municipality
City:  Ho Chi Minh City
Location:  Ho Chi Minh City
Event Name:  Basic Astronomy Courses
Event Description:  "50 năm chinh phục không gian" - Tuần lễ Vũ trụ thế giới 2011 *Time: August 21st - October 2nd, 2011 *Venue: Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Physics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) *For astronomy enthusiasts in Ho Chi Minh City and the neighouborhood
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Report on the Results:  The Basic Astronomy Course was held by Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC) in order to universalise the astronomical knowledge to community, especially astronomy enthusiasts. For nearly 7 weeks, many sessions were held on the following topics: Brief History of Astronomy, History of Space Discovery and Technology, Solar System, Celestrial Sphere, Eclipse, Planet Weather, Horizontal Coordinate System, Equatorial Coordinate System, Distance in the Sky, Theory of Relativity - basic figures and consequences, Telescope and Binocular, Observing the Sky, Astrophotography, etc. There were 4 press media broadcasted this course: Vietnam Television International (VTV4) in cooperation with Sai Gon Tiep Thi Film (SGTT Film), Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV9), Tuoi Tre newspaper, Thanh Nien newspaper. A video report about Ho Chi Minh City Astronomy Club (HAAC) was aslo shown on Dong Nai Television Channel (DN-RTV1). With those great influence, millions of people have known about the Basic Astronomy Course and it attracts more and more people registering for the next courses. It was very positive signal for a developing country like Vietnam. Vietnamese is now focusing more on scientific promotion and along side with that process, we strongly believe in a bright future for Vietnam astronomy field, the dream of scientific activists like us, members of Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC).
Attendance:  200
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Media Impressions:  2000000
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