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Event ID:  3601
Contact Name:  Despina Legetsi
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  00302551024270
Organization:  Legetsi\\\'s Model School
Event Web Site:
Dates:  4th October 2012 to 10th October 2012
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Greece
State/Province:  Evros
City:  Alexandroupolis
Event Name:  Earth, it\\\'s satellites and man on the moon
Event Description:  Children at the age of 4-6, are going to learn about: earth's day-night phenomenon, movements of earth-moon-sun, earth's satellites and their use, astronuat's safety and Armstrong's space trip on the moon. They are going to: experiment with a glob, search in books and websites for information (for examble google earth etc), reproduce a weather-forecast,play role-games, sing songs about moon and astronauts, use varius of makings to draw or built themes. We are going to inspire them with farytails and by taking pictures of them as "astronauts on the moon" (we will draw an astronaut at it's natural sise and kids will put their face in it). The event is going to last the whole space week and we are going to work it every morning during school time. There is also going to be a release on the local radio and the local newspaper.
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Report on the Results:  Everything was planed and worked perfectly! On the 4th of Oct. children experimented with a globe with a hidden light in it. They used a lamp from the outside to light the globe (“sun”) and the globe looked normal. But on the other side of it, with no light from the outside, it seemed to have night-lights on the continents (because of the hidden lamp). This was how students understood the “day-night” phenomenon. After that, children draw the earth but used different colors in each half of it (the one half was colored as having day, the other half was colored as having night). On the 5th of Oct. kids learned about the movements of the moon and the earth and carried off as “sun”, “earth” and “moon” with three caps especially made for this use. After that, the children learned about satellites made by men (on the contrary of the moon, made by nature) and observed a Lego-model satellite. On the 8th of Oct. children saw pictures of the earth from satellites and found out about their use. After that, the 5 years-old students tried to reproduce a weather–forecast inside a paper box used as a TV monitor. They were given a poster with a picture of Greece (taken from a satellite) and cards with the names of days of the week, numbers (used for temperature) and weather drawings. On the 9th of Oct. our student learned about men’s trip to the moon and Nhil Armstrong’s first steps on lunar surface. We showed them books with 3D pictures to observe them and then the kids watched a documentary about Apollo 11 and the success of human kind. After that, children learned to sing a song about a rocket traveling to the moon and made handiworks with astronauts and the moon. On the last day of WSW, we had prepared a surprise for our students: we had drawn an astronaut at a natural size of a 5 year-old kid, with a hole on the face. Every child was going behind the astronaut and putting its face in the hole so we could take a picture of it looking as an astronaut on the moon! The last game we played with our 5 year-old children was a labyrinth, planed and made by us in the school yard. It had one entrance and five exits. Kids played per 2 each time, one was hiding an object at one of the five exits and then it was becoming the “satellite”. The other one was entering the labyrinth and had to follow instruction from its “satellite” to find the right way and reveal the hidden object. The first to try was their teacher just to show them how to play. Children had a lot of fun; their voices were heard from the yard to all around the school! After that, each kid made a handiwork, a spaceship. We have reasons to believe that our students enjoyed WSW much more than we expected. During their free-playing-time every morning, they draw the earth or built satellites with construction toys or sing the song about the rocket. They also asked us to prepare for them to paint the earth in space and the International Space Station traveling around it. This happened beyond the 10th of Oct. because it was the students wish. We are so glad we had the chance to organize events for WSW again this year, thank you! We had a release on the local radio stations about our participation and this global celebration, but we are not able to estimate the number of people who heard it.
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