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Event ID:  3623
Contact Name:  Astronomical observatory - Haskovo
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Organization:  Astronomical observatory by Youth center - Haskovo
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Dates:  4th October 2012 to 4th October 2012
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Bulgaria
State/Province:  Haskovo
City:  Haskovo
Event Name:  Space Puzzle
Event Description:  A big Space Puzzle will be drawn, it will show the history and the contribution of the Space exploration for the humanity. Kids from different schools in the town will draw their own piece of the puzzle, after that it will be assembled and hung on a wall in front of the Astronomical observatory. Next to the puzzle will be put a panel with the most important dates from the history of the Space exploration. Each kid will receive a magnet sticker with a picture of the puzzle.
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Report on the Results:  Over 180 kids from nine different schools had taken part in the event "Space puzzle". In the beginning of the celebration in the form of a contest were reminded one of the most important dates in Space exploration. These dates and facts were written on a special panel, and those who answered correctly received small prizes. The accent of the celebration was the creation of the "Space puzzle" with size 3 on 3 metеrs and separated into 9 pieces. By drawing a lot by each school's teacher the different pieces were given to a group of students. Before that the students from the observatory had drawn the outlines of the created by Yovelina Zinkova space picture, and the kids had the task to paint it. The biggest emotions were created with the assembling of the puzzle and the expectation to see what it represents. With apparent excitement the kids were arranging the pieces and were applaud by the other pupils. In front of them was revealed a picture in which the inhabitants of planet Mars were watching a TV show from Earth in the year 2957 when the people on Earth were celebrating 1000 from the beginning of the Space era. To remember the event each participant took home this picture drawn on a magnet sticker. The "Space puzzle" and the panel dedicated to the history of Space exploration will be decorating the entrance to the observations site of the Astronomical observatory in Youth centеr.
Attendance:  180
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