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Event ID:  37050
Contact Name:  Lea Hallik
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Organization:  Tartu Observatory, University of Tartu
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Dates:  8th October 2020 to 10th October 2020
Physical Event:  No
Type:  Other
Start/End Type:  Starts During WSW
Country:  Estonia
State/Province:  Tartumaa
Location:  Tõravere
Event Name:  Seminar: Machine learning applications in solar physics
Event Description:  Everyone is invited to Tartu Observatory's webinar on October 8 at 2.15 PM (UTC+3)! Nigul Olspert will make a presentation about machine learning applications in solar physics. Due to rapidly increasing amount of satellite and ground based solar observations, there is urgent demand for fast and scalable data processing methods. Machine learning and especially deep learning is very promising way of solving many tasks in different domains. One such task is for instance solar image restoration, where the aim is to remove from the images aberrations caused by Earth's turbulent atmosphere. There is a potential that in the future such restorations can be done in real time at the site of instrument, so that there is no need to store the raw data. In his talk, Nigul Olspert will be discussing this and some other machine learning applications in solar physics which can both increase the quality of the clean data as well as computationally outperform methods commonly used in this field. Nigul Olspert is a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research. He mainly works on the application of machine learning methods on Solar surface image restoration. Image of the event: NASA
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Report on the Results:  The event offered valuable info about machine learning applications in solar physics. People interested in the topic could discuss the questions in mind with the performer after his presentation. The event can also be considered successful international cooperation, as it was organized by Tartu Observatory in Estonia and performer Nigul Olspert is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany.
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