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Event ID:  37626
Contact Name:  Leandro Camacho
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Organization:  Space Apps Costa Rica
Event Web Site:
Dates:  14th October 2020 to 10th October 2020
Physical Event:  No
Type:  Public
Start/End Type:  Both Starts and Ends During WSW
Country:  Costa Rica
City:  Guanacaste
Address:  Liberia
Event Name:  🤖 🛰️ Crea tu App para el monitoreo de Bosques, Terrenos y Clima en la nube con GFW 🌎 #WSW2020
Event Description:  En esta sesión en vivo aprenderemos sobre la plataforma de código abierto Global Forest Watch, mediante la cuál podemos obtener y analizar capas de datos de imágenes satelitales de un determinado lugar en específico e integrarlo en nuestras Apps Web & Mobile. // El evento se realiza el en marco de la celebración de la Semana Mundial del Espacio 2020 @ONU:
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Report on the Results:  In this workshop we share with the participants about How to create a Web App to monitor Forest, Land and Climate for an specific Lat, Long , by integrating Earth Observation Data and Satellite Images in the cloud with Global Forest Watch. Also this event was streamed and recorded with the purpose that anyone could access the Workshop at any time and place. You can find the session in this link: also the Github Repository for the Workshop:
Attendance:  50
Attendance is Unique:  Yes
Media Impressions:  500
Media Impressions are Unique:  Yes

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