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Event ID:  3885
Contact Name:  Diana Kiryakova
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Organization:  Children\'s Complex - school of astronomy
Event Web Site:  http://www.
Dates:  10th October 2012 to 10th October 2012
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Type:  School
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Country:  Bulgaria
State/Province:  Sliven
City:  Sliven
Event Name:  \"Traveling in the Space\"
Event Description:  Lecture for children from the kindergarten - "Life of the astronauts' In the yard of "Sinchets" Kindergarten (City of Sliven) children will draw on asphalt reduced model of the solar system and what we fly in space with. Оbservation of the Sun by telescope.
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Report on the Results:  In the days 8,9 and 10 October by illustrated lectures children and students got acquainted with exciting life of cosmonauts, with their clothes and safety. Children from Kindergarten "Sintchetz" turned into holiday the closure of cosmonaut's week. They coloured the yard with paintings of planets of the Solar system, rockets, airplanes, balloons and even flying saucer. They also observed the Sun through a telescope.
Attendance:  230
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