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Organization:  MakerKids
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Dates:  7th October 2013 to 7th October 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Canada
State/Province:  Ontario
City:  Toronto
Event Name:  Maker Kids at Heart - Monday Night Open Shop for Adults
Event Description:  Monday, October 7, 7-10PM 2241 Dundas St W, Toronto $20 + materials MakerKids is a makerspace for kids in Toronto that provides creative programs that empower children to learn new hands-on skills and make projects using electronics, 3D printing, woodworking, sewing, crafting, and more. Are you into DIY, crafting, tinkering, and making things? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make certain things but wasn't sure how to get started? This regular open shop is great for adults who are beginners but want to learn more about making different things! We can help teach you new skills and how to use high tech tools. You can learn about woodworking, electronics, programming, 3D modelling and printing, Arduino (an open source microcontroller), MaKey MaKey (easy to use invention kit where you can even turn bananas into a keyboard) and more! You'll get hands-on experience and learn through doing, not just talking. During World Space Week, our open shops will be space-themed! You can either bring your project or idea to tinker with, try one of our sample project ideas, get inspired by the materials we have or brainstorm something totally new to create. Our volunteers are on hand to help you out and get started. You can start a project using Arduino, 3D printing, painting, jewellery making, or any other crafts you'd like to work on! (materials and tools permitting, of course) You can also take home what you make - we just ask that you pay for any materials you use/take home. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about MakerKids, explore possibilities for volunteering, and meet interesting people. We've had people come from as far away as London and Montreal for our Maker Kids at Heart Open Shop for Adults night. Start making something at our open shop!
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