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Organization:  MakerKids
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Dates:  4th October 2013 to 4th October 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Canada
State/Province:  Ontario
City:  Toronto
Location:  2241 Dundas St W
Event Name:  Kids Open Shop at MakerKids
Event Description:  Friday, October 4th - 4:30-7:30PM Are your kids into Do-It-Yourself, crafts, tinkering, woodworking, electronics, or interested in learning about 3D modelling and 3D printing, toy hacking or making other stuff? Perhaps they like taking things like small electronics apart to learn how they work? This open shop is great for beginners, as no prior knowledge or experience is necessary, our instructors and mentors will teach them what they need to know! If they already have some experience with different materials and tools, they can learn how to build more advanced projects. Starting at 4:30 pm and going until 7:30 pm every Tuesday and Friday, our doors are open and our staff will be on hand to help you with everything from woodworking to electronics. You can use our tools and expertise to start creating your next project. During World Space Week, our Open Shops will be space-themed. Please purchase a ticket in advance as pay at the door will only be available if there is space that evening . Roncesvalles Open Workshop Details Who: Kids and their parents What: Open shop time When: Tuesday and Friday evenings from 4:30 to 7:30 Where: Maker Kids (2241 Dundas st west Toronto, ON) downstairs Why: Because you need a safe place to work on cool stuff **Open Houses are possible because of your support. A suggested donation for this open shop ticket is $20 each, plus materials. Donations can be made here or in person at the door. FAQs What have other kids learnt at our past programs? “At first when I came here, I had no idea how any of this electric stuff worked, and I’m just like, how I am going to be able to make this? But over time with my mistakes, I realized it gets easier and it comes to me and sometimes making a mistake actually teaches you something – why something doesn’t work.” What skill level is this program approriate for? No previous experience is required-just a desire to make things! Our instructors will show you how to use any tools safely, and teach you anything else you might want to know. If your child already experience with using similar tools or materials - that's great too! What age range is this program appropriate for? Open shops are appropriate for kids 3-18. If your child is under 8, please accompany them for the duration of the open shop so that they are following our safety instructions. 6-7 year olds are usually capable of electronics projects like making something light up with LEDs, motorizing something or designing creatures in 3D. One of our regulars is only 3 and they have a lot of fun making drawings, wands, trophies and things out of semi-precious stones. Do you have any safety measures in place? Yes, we have safety procedures and training for the kids on how to use the tools safely. Our instructors are also well trained and we usually have a ratio of 1 instructor per 4 kids. Our woodwork shop has a lock on it and kids can use it safely when adults are around to supervise and the kids wear safety goggles when using other tools as well. Any sharp tools are kept well out of reach unless someone needs to use them for a particular project. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. What is your philosophy towards making? Our philosophy is to encourage creativity and empower kids with their own ideas for projects. We encourage all kids to participate in our programs and we don't push towards certain activities based on gender or stereotype-it's up to the child what they want to explore and learn about! Can my child arrive early (e.g. at 3:30PM), coming directly from school? Yes - new this fall, we have a Minecraft Power Hour program on Mondays from 3:30-4:30PM which you can register them for. Please register via Do I have to purchase a ticket in advance? It is best to purchase your ticket in advance to reserve your spot, but pay at the door is also available if there is room that night. How do I register 2+ children? You can register two kids at the same time by entering the amount for both of them in the amount field. When you click on "Order Now" to fill out your registration information, there will be a field that says "Please type the name of the attendees who will be coming to this event (Eg. your child/children's name)" - just write in the names of the each child attending. What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? We are located at 2241 Dundas St W, about 5 minutes away from Dundas West subway station and the 504 King Street car also stops nearby. There is also parking across the street at Loblaws. Do you have other programs? We have other programs for kids and teens: Where can I contact the organizer with any other questions? You can email us at
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