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Event ID:  4340
Contact Name:  Yohon Lo
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Organization:  Huntsville AL L5 Society (HAL5)
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Dates:  1st October 2013 to 1st October 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  Alabama
City:  Huntsville
Event Name:  Exploring Mars to Improve Life on Earth
Event Description:  To celebrate World Space Week, Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5) is pleased to have a special visiting guest speaker, Marvin A. Hilton to talk to us about how Exploring Mars can improve life on Earth at a Special Night, Tuesday, October 1. The event will take place at 7 pm at the main auditorium in the Huntsville-Madison County Main Public Library. [Summary]: International cooperation is not only vital to sending humans to Mars but a principal reason for going in the first place; it will encourage peace through scientific collaboration, share costs and reduce US government spending. At our very core, the reason for landing humans on Mars is to discover the truth about who we are. As Wernher Von Braun said, "By going into outer space, we will find ourselves." To avoid Mars is to avoid our truth. Every human on Earth will be inspired by the novelty and excitement of exploring Mars to discover something about our place in the Universe. Such a goal will reap immediate benefits because the act of making that decision will immediately increase positive human self-regard. Stepping onto the red dust of Mars will be a major move toward using our minds to the fullest to understand our place in the universe. Our status will increase in our own human eyes as we pursue realistic answers to our questions about human origins, purpose and destiny. Instead of mere speculation, we will examine the Martian boulders, water and gullies for signs of life. As we endure the dust storms and cold, thin atmosphere of Mars, we will begin to become more comfortable with the real universe. We will begin to lift human life to a higher level of authenticity, confidence and knowledge. Seeing the blue dot of Earth over the horizon of Mars will represent a new renaissance and a maturing of a wiser and more peaceful human family.
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