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Event ID:  4348
Contact Name:  Vaneshree
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Contact Phone:  +27128440500
Organization:  South African National Space Agency
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Dates:  4th October 2013 to 4th October 2013
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Type:  Other
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Country:  South Africa
State/Province:  North West
City:  Krugersdorp
Event Name:  Inauguration of IOT facility
Event Description:  On the 4 of October SANSA Space Operations will be inaugurating their new In Orbit Test facility. This facility consists of a new 10m Ku-DBS band antenna and an equipment room, outfitted with IOT equipment and infrastructure to assist clients to successfully commission new satellites. SANSA SO saw a steady growth in its market for IOT and with the existing KU-DBS facility carrying a high workload for normal transfer orbit operations they decided on a dedicated facility. South Africa is in an ideal position to assist satellite operators in the qualification and commissioning of their new satellites as we have a relatively radio quiet environment and a good geographic position. SANSA SO also has may years of experience and knowledge in the execution of IOT’s. The facilities will have a useful life stretching beyond the next ten years and will be upgraded continuously to ensure the best possible service to the international space industry. SANSA SO dedicated team of engineers and technicians looks forward to many years of service to the industry using these facilities.
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Attendance:  60
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