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Event ID:  453
Contact Name:  Prof Azael Barrera
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Organization:  Florida State University -Panama
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Dates:  12th October 2007 to 12th October 2007
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Type:  Rocket Launch
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Country:  Panama
Event Name:  Sputnik anniversary and physics of rockets
Event Description:  A lecture on the importance of the Sputnik anniversary and the space race, with a lecture of the basic physics behind rocket launching with a demonstration of rocket launches. In addition to the event, posters and information with tips to do various activities were distributed to 65 public schools through the Ministry of Education and the National Bureau of Science and Technology, and to 21 private schools, and to three national circulation newspapers.
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Report on the Results:  The open-house lecture about Sputnik was attended by 32 high school students, including 10 FSU-Panama's students. After the rocket physics lecture, rockets were launched at the campus field, including four types of rockets and a scale model of the space shuttle. The impulse, thrust and acceleration was measured, analyzed and discussed later on. World Space Week 2007 coincided with the national science fair and with the 50-year anniversary of Florida State University presence in panama. A few high schools that received the poster and the information about activities presented projects related to space exploration. No mention of World Space Week was done in the newspapers but a colleague managed to publish a paper on the Sputnik anniversary in which he made reference to WSW.
Attendance:  32
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