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Organization:  Federal Space Agency, Russian Academy of Sciences
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Dates:  1st October 2007 to 5th October 2007
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Russia
City:  Moscow
Location:  Russian Academy of Sciences Institutes including Space Research Institute
Event Name:  International Forum SPACE: Science and Challenges of the XXI century
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Report on the Results:  International Forum SPACE: Science and Challenges of the XXI century dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Space Era was held in Moscow on October 1-5, 2007. The Forum is organized by Russian Academy of Sciences together with Federal Space Agency. This is the largest meeting of Russian and international aerospace specialists (scientists, space systems design engineers) for the past several years aimed at discussing current status and future of space science. Space science: the look into the past, the look into the future exhibition was held in the framework of the Forum. Current Federal Space Program projects were presented along with future concepts up to year 2015. Exhibit organizations are primarily Russian Space Agency enterprises including Lavochkin Scientific Production Association, Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Keldysh Research Center. October 2-3, 2007 Various space-related conferences were held in Russian Academy of Sciences Institutes. October 3, 2007 Space Research Institute conducted round table discussion entitled Space: international cooperation and space technologies for mankind progress. Many young people including high school students, university students and Ph.D students took part in Forum events.
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