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Event ID:  4742
Contact Name:  USTH - Space Day
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Organization:  University of Science and Technology of Hanoi
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Dates:  5th October 2013 to 6th October 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Vietnam
State/Province:  Hanoi
City:  Hanoi
Event Name:  USTH Space Day 2013
Event Description:  Program purpose USTH SPACE DAY is a program organized by the students of University of Science and Technology of Hanoi aims to create a useful playground in the field of astronomy for school students and astronomy enthusiasts school. The program will bring useful knowledge about astronomy to young people in her still many questions about the mysteries of the universe and space. In addition, the program supports such a passionate fire, passion of young love astronomy so that help you get oriented, career development and astronomers of the country itself. Content Responding to the World Space Week in 2013 with the theme "Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth" and Vietnam celebrate the successful launch of the satellite VNREDSat-1, USTH SPACE DAY 2013 will provide an overview of the piece of explore the vastness of space people from the first day until now, especially the journey towards Mars tough. In addition, the program introduces the development of space technology in Vietnam, share the success we have achieved in recent years and the goals ahead on the way to space technology Vietnam to develop a whole new level.
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Attendance:  150
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Media Impressions:  250
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