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Event ID:  48306
Contact Name:  Asociatia Astronomica SIRIUS
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  0742067929
Organization:  Asociatia Astronomica SIRIUS
Event Web Site:  Str. Nicolae Tonitza Nr.20
Dates:  9th October 2021 to 10th October 2021
Physical Event:  No
Type:  Other
Start/End Type:  Starts During WSW
Country:  Romania
State/Province:  Vaslui
City:  Barlad
Address:  Str. Nicolae Tonitza Nr.20
Location:  Episcop Iacov Antonovici Gimnazyum
Event Name:  "ASTRONAUTICS, between dream and achievement"
Event Description:  AAS and MiniAAS members (students and pupils) participated for two days via the Internet in a discussion on the field of Astronautics in the context of World Outer Space Week, based on a 10-item questionnaire entitled "ASTRONAUTICS, between dream and achievement". The closed-ended questions concerned the meaning of the term satellite, the delimitation of outer space, the first spacecraft, the location of the Voyager 1 spacecraft at present, the possibility of using the mobile phone on the International Space Station, the impossibility of producing sound waves in outer space, the greatest threat space vacuum without adequate protectionThe open-ended questions referred to the observation of the passage of the International Space Station this year, the perception related to the largest fictitious spacecraft and the astronaut profession. 50% of respondents gave an affirmative answer, and 33% admitted that they did not think about this possibility. The admiration and interest of children for the exploration of outer space and for this profession, we often find it in their works of fine art. On this occasion, we highlight the drawings made by the members of MiniAAS, Ilinca Teodorescu and Dragoș Gabriel Csepel, students at the “Episcop Iacov Antonovici” Gymnasium School in Bârlad..
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Report on the Results:  The event highlighted a strong link between the development of astronautics and science fiction: people have always wanted to fly - not only in the air, but also in outer space, but also perseverance in exploring it.
Attendance:  26
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Media Impressions:  1000
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