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Event ID:  48424
Contact Name:  Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  0546916686
Organization:  The first secondary school in Yanbu industrial
Event Web Site:
Dates:  4th October 2021 to 10th October 2021
Physical Event:  Yes
Type:  Public
Start/End Type:  Both Starts and Ends During WSW
Country:  Saudi Arabia
State/Province:  Medina
City:  yanbu
Address:  Al -Murjan District
Location:  THE First Secondary scoole ,Al-Murjan , Al - Nawah 46452
Event Name:  Women in space
Event Description:  making art paintings and Video clips 4 - 5 October Implement a virtual gallery 6 -7 October making workshop entitled Women in Space
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Report on the Results:  teacher Work Huda Kidwai. Report prepared The first secondary school Industrial Yanbu. School Program Characteristics workshop ◻ Meeting ◻ colloquy ◻ Course √◻ program other◻ Title World Space Week (Women in Space) Place The first secondary school industrial Yanbu Period 4-10 october Target group students Overall Objective Promoting the empowerment of women in space Detailed objectives -Raising awareness of the importance of space science and astronomy on life on Earth. -Studying and analayzing astoronomical phenomena. Raising community awareness of the importance of space sciences and technologies.- Achievement Developing students skills in raising the level of production for videos, and highlight the aesthetic taste their artistic paintings. Program Description Implementation procedures - Implementation of a simplified corner to display thea students participation (artboards,flyers). Implemrnting a workshop prepared and presenting the students.- - Implementation of a competition to select and honor the three best female students entries. Designing videos produced by students.- Implementing a virtual exhibition and electronic wall containing the students participation. - Positives Increase the ability of students to innovate, challenge and compete. Recommendations Providing everything that contributes to supporting national capabilities to supporting national capabilities in developing space technologies . Attachments ◻ Attendance detection ◻ Generalization √ photo √ other:links
Attendance:  420
Attendance is Unique:  Yes
Media Impressions:  4
Media Impressions are Unique:  Yes

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