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Event ID:  63880
Contact Name:  Mr. Mhd Fairos Asillam
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +60322735484
Organization:  National Planetarium of Malaysia
Event Web Site:
Dates:  4th October 2022 to 10th October 2022
Physical Event:  Yes
Type:  Public
Start/End Type:  Starts During WSW
Country:  Malaysia
State/Province:  Kuala Lumpur
City:  Kuala Lumpur
Address:  53 Jalan Perdana
Location:  50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Event Name:  World Space Week Malaysia 2022
Event Description:  In total there were 24 activities scheduled and organised by National Planetarium and collaborated with member partners. The activities were conducted in hybrid mode that consist of both physical and virtual event such as World Space Week Launching Ceremony, Space and Sustainability run, day and night observation, webinar sessions, virtual info, online quizzes, online hands-on activities, astrophotography contest, space camp, meteor shower observation, amateur radio and Space Talk. The virtual events were conducted through online platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Zoom Meeting, StreamYard and others.
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Report on the Results:  World Space Week (WSW) is celebrated every year in Malaysia. The National Planetarium recognizes the event as an important space program in the country and the trust WSWA gives to the National Planetarium as a national coordinator of WSW in Malaysia. WSW2022 celebration in Malaysia has captured the intention of Astronomy enthusiast groups and coordination among amateur astronomers, educators, professional astronomers, planetariums, NGOs, universities and general public. A variety of interesting activities were coordinated during the event to ensure the success of WSW2022 in Malaysia. The National Planetarium believe that the event is essential to raise public awareness about the importance and benefits that we could gain from space science and technology, in addition to stimulate and inspire young generation in the field science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The first activity was the World Space Week Launching Ceremony officiated by YB Dato’ Sri Dr. Adham bin Baba, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation on 4th October 2022 at National Science Centre. 6 sessions of Planet Kidz were conducted via virtual platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. These sessions gave the participants to experience interactive space science hands-on activities while learning basic scientific principles and promoting Space for STEM. Series of Info@Planet gave the opportunity to public to explore the universe through interesting infographics, diagrams, photos and more. 3.5km Space and Sustainability Run was a friendly run and involved people with disabilities using their wheelchairs along the road running within Kuala Lumpur Botanical Garden area. This run gave the participants taking part for their own enjoyment with green environment and significantly to Angkasawan Program 2006 physical selection process. Interactive live streaming AstroQuiz via LiveReacting platform reached the most engagement from public especially within young generation. These 3 series of online quiz reached up to 3,600 engagements of people during the event conducted. 2 series of Planetarium Talk were conducted via virtual platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. Invited speakers has been given an informal interaction session with public to share their knowledges, experiences, guidence, carreer and public can ask anything at all. Jupiter and Saturn Observation session was conducted live via Facebook and physically at National Planetarium. This session gave a precious opportunity to public to observe planet Jupiter and Saturn through the telescopes provided. National Planetarium member partner also conducted several other activities such as: 1. Star-finder Astronomical Society 1.1 Star-finder Celebrity Talk-6: Night Sky Imaging Engagement: Online – 28 1.2 ASP Astrophotography Contest Engagement: Online – 120 2. Sahabat Langit Utara 2.1 Citrawarna Angkasa Program Engagement: Physical – 200 2.2 Falak Camp @ Yan, Kedah Engagement: Physical – 50 3. Dark Sky Malaysia 3.1 Observe The Moon Engagement: Physical – 160, Online – 1,021 3.2 Orionids Meteor Shower Observation Engagement: Physical – 200, Online – 9,005 4. Malaysia Space Agency 4.1 From Eye To Space @ Observatori Negara Langkawi Engagement: Online – 2,908 4.2 Amateur Radio Engagement: Physical – 50, Online – 1,000 4.3 Space Future Leader Engagement: Physical – 200 4.4 Junior Rocket Tech Exploration 2022 Engagement: Physical – 181, Online – 384 5. Generasi Marikh 5.1 Generasi Marikh Space Camp Engagement: Physical – 120 6. U-Science Universiti Malaysia Sabah 6.1 Kanta U-Science Program with YBhg. Profesor Emerita Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Mazlan Othman - Climate Change and Astronomy: Where We Are? Engagement: Physical – 561, Online – 1,900 6.2 Science and Arts Camp Series 1 and 2 Engagement: Physical – 94 6.3 Observe The Moon Engagement: Physical – 60, Online – 1,450 6.4 Observe The Sky Wanderers Engagement: Physical – 120 6.5 Ultimate Astro Camping Orionids: Meteor Shower Observation Engagement: Physical – 200
Attendance:  183385
Attendance is Unique:  Yes
Media Impressions:  9
Media Impressions are Unique:  Yes

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