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Organization:  茂名业余天文爱好者
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Dates:  7th October 2014 to 7th October 2014
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Type:  Public
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Country:  China
State/Province:  Guangdong
City:  Maoming
Location:  茂名市文化广场
Event Name:  大众路边天文活动
Event Description:  活动时间:10月4日18:30时--21:30时, 活动说明:无偿提供至少三架小型天文望远镜与大众一起观赏月球、国际空间站过境。 备注:请自觉排队,共同维护良好的秩序,并注意人身和财物安全。如果下雨,活动自动取消。
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Report on the Results:  October 4th 16:00 pm under a heavy rain, 18:40 pm moon exposed face. 19:15 pm set up telescopes, onlookers curious passers-by, to tell you the ISS was about to fly from the sun lit the sky. 19:26 pm found a bright spot in the southwest sky, the guidelines we watch together toward the International Space Station after the head northeast, After the Mass Observation moon through a telescope. 19: 45--20: 30 pm a lot of clouds, can not see the moon, and the first high school Xuanyu astronomy club for the exchange students telescope operation. After another turn sunny, but also be able to see the stars in summer triangle: Aquila bright star Altair, the bright star Vega Lyra, Cygnus bright stars Deneb, Instruct students to use Planisphere, Together with the public to continue to observe the meteorite impact craters on the lunar surface and Chang E III landing Rainbow Bay area through a telescope.
Attendance:  150
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