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Event ID:  7422
Contact Name:  Ines Novak
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Dates:  8th October 2014 to 8th October 2014
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Type:  School
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Country:  Bosnia and Herzegovina
City:  Mostar
Event Name:  Earth\'s natural satellite workshop
Event Description:  Students from ages 9 to 13 will be able to explore the Earth's Moon through fun assigments. The goal is to interest young kids in astronomy. The workshop will be held in the school from 5 to 7 PM local time.
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Report on the Results:  Twenty kinds from school came to the workshop out of 24 that were expected -(9 10-11 yrs old; 6 12 yrs old and 5 13 yrs old). The workshop lasted for two hours. The participants where separated into three groups: "ESA's little astronauts" (the youngest children), "ESA's little astronomers" (12 year-olds) and "ESA's scientists" (13 year-olds). The "astronauts" had an exploration package with 20 questions about the Moon. They had to look for answers "on the Moon", which was in another classroom. Answers were hidden under "Moon rocks" (river rocks) that they had to pick up and look under. They had to figure out which answer fits to what questions. After then filled all 20 answers, their mission was over and they returned to "Earth" (initial classroom). There was also some information that they needed to take back into ESA's headquarters for ESA's scientist to use. Meanwhile, ESA's scientist had their own exploration package where they had to calculate distance of the Moon, the weight on the Moon and different assignments, such as - what are all the ways we can explore the Moon, what would be some of the problems of sending men to space, why would the feather and the hammer fall at the same speed on the Moon. At the same time, "ESA's astronomers" were making Moon phase box and had to explain the phases of the Moon. At the end, when all three groups were finished, each group presented their work and the information they gathered or discovered. A short presentation was shown at the end, further explaining the Moon and answering any questions that the students might have had. The workshop was a success and the students wondered if there would be any more. They are really interested in astronomy.
Attendance:  22
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