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Event ID:  791
Contact Name:  Carlos Antonio Rodr
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Organization:  Quinto Pilar
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Dates:  10th October 2008 to 10th October 2008
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Ecuador
State/Province:  Pichincha
Location:  Complejo Arqueol
Event Name:  Cochasqu
Event Description:  Introductory camp-based course to stargazing. Constellation descriptions are provided, as well as the mythological stories behind them. The course is also intended to show major sky attractives as moon geography, planets, stars and nebulae. 6 - 12 pm. All this done within Complejo Arqueol
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Report on the Results:  Astronomy camp Place: Piramides de Cochasqui archeological complex This ancient complex was used in preincaic by Cuyumba culture, a tribe of Quitu- Caras, possibly with astronomical purpuses. The access to this place was permit thanks to the autorization of the arquitech Fritz Reinthaller, the chief-director of this place. The assistants were gathered in the north part of the Quito City at Estaci
Attendance:  46
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