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Event ID:  8806
Contact Name:  Kristen Harrison
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Contact Phone:  +4917687602770
Organization:  Curved House Kids
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Dates:  5th October 2015 to 5th October 2015
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Type:  School
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Country:  United Kingdom
City:  London
Event Name:  Become a Space Apprentice and join Tim Peake\'s Principia Mission
Event Description:  60 pupils from two schools in the London Borough of Islington will celebrate World Space Week with a Space Apprentice Bootcamp, lead by leading author and science communicator, Lucy Hawking, and illustrator extraordinaire Ben Hawkes. In December 2015, British Astronaut Tim Peake will go on a mission to space. For 6 months, Tim will live on the International Space Station with a team of astronauts where he will conduct experiments, do research, go on a space walk and report back to Earth. Tim is busy preparing but there's so much to do - he needs your help! Can you help Tim with his mission? We are inviting two schools from Islington to join author Lucy Hawking and Illustrator Ben Hawkes on a pre-mission bootcamp. We will prepare our young space apprentices to be astronauts with a space fitness workout; we'll design our own space suits; and we'll learn to speak Russian! At the end of the day you'll be fully prepared and ready to launch into space. This event is brought to you by Curved House Kids ( and it marks the beginning of the Principia Space Diary programme generously supported by the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency. Through this programme we will deliver free "Space Diaries" to 15,000 primary school students across the UK. The diary is packed with challenges, experiments and creative activities for young Space Apprentices aged 7-11. Class teachers or school staff can sign up at
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