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Event ID:  9143
Contact Name:  Jerry Stone
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Organization:  Spaceflight UK
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Dates:  1st October 2015 to 1st October 2015
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Type:  School
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Country:  United Kingdom
State/Province:  Warwickshire
City:  Bishops Itchington
Location:  Bishops Itchington Primary School
Event Name:  A Day In Space
Event Description:  Space expert Jerry Stone spends a day at Bishops Itchington Primary School, presenting activities for all the pupils from Reception through to Year 6. All classes are involved in "Space Is Big!", an interactive presentation which demonstrates the size of the Earth and the distance to the Moon - and the International Space Station. Then the rest of the planets are introduced and volunteers from the audience hold a set of inflatable planets to show off the solar system. In separate sessions, KS2 pupils take part in "Mission To Mars", in which they work in teams to construct something that will allow their payload - a raw egg - to land safely when test-dropped from high up. Will they have the eggspertise or will their eggstronaut crack up on landing and eggspire? The day finishes with demonstration air rocket launchings after school for all pupils and parents.
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Report on the Results:  It was a fantastic day! The pupils all enjoyed "Space Is Big!", in which they discovered that the Moon is much further away than they though, and the space station is much closer than they thought! They also found out that we actually have 13 planets in our solar system! In the "Mission To Mars" activity, they came up with a range of designs for their landers; some were successful and some weren't, but then it isn't easy designing a planetary lander! Some of the classes also had time to try a Mars survival exercise. A huge crowd arrived on the school field to watch the rocket launchings, and were thrilled to see how high they flew! All in all, everyone had a really exciting time.
Attendance:  300
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