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Organization:  Geološka grupa ZFO
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Dates:  3rd October 2015 to 9th October 2015
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Type:  School
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Country:  Croatia
City:  Otočac
Event Name:  Simpozij svemira
Event Description:  Schedule of the events WSW 2015/ 4-10 September 2015/ 4th December 2014 - Science and Education Centre Rijeka / Educational movie and lecture - The solar system, watching through a telescope at the observatory 5th September 2015 – Workshop/ posters/ - The universe, haven't you known? 6th September 2015 - Filmoteka - Creation of the planet 7th September 2015-Afternoon presentation-Topics: a)The universe and the solar system - the origin b)Solar system c)Phaeton, the lost Planet d)Animals in the unverse e)Višnjan Observatory 22nd September 2015 - Space Guard - lecture by Korado Korlević - Head of Science and Education Centre Višnjan
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Report on the Results:  We have celebrated the WSW week by workshops, presentations and movie about the creation of the planets. Students created their own posters that were exhibited in the main hall of primary school so all pupils, teachers, parents and visitors could see their work. Students prepared presentations on the selected topic in front of their classmates. We also watchthe movie together with other classmates. During the week we had been preparing for the lecture on the Space guard that was held on the 22nd of September 2015 by famous Croatian astrologist Korado Korlević. Students are very satisfied with the results of their workshop and look forward to next WSW week.
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